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20 December 2019

Power Partners Christmas Celebration

Merry Christmas! Let’s enjoy the festive season together

“Jingle Bell~ Jingle Bell~ Jingle all the way…”

It was unexpected that Power Partners had grown so much in a year. Every year, we take advantage of the Christmas festive to hold a party, so that employees and the management can take a break from work, get-together and have fun.

From 80 people in 2018 to 140 people, this year’s party was really lively!

In 2019, Power Partners also set up an internal event planning team – Social Recreation Committee (SRC). SRC is set up to build relationships amongst employees, increase cohesiveness and in turn increase employee engagements. Through organizing events and activities, SRC hopes to bring employees from the various team together and have fun together. This is especially important as the company is growing rapidly. Our Power Partners family should stay closely knitted.

Power Partners Christmas Celebration

Power Partners Christmas Celebration

The company recognizes the loyalty and efforts of employees who have been in service for a long period. For employees who are in service with Power Partners for 5 years, 10 years and so on, they receive a watch as a token of appreciation for their dedication and loyalty.

Power Partners Christmas Celebration Long Service Award

This year, we have 2 recipients for 10 years of Long Service with Power Partners. Both of them have been with the company through many ups and downs. The one thing that didn’t change is their faith in the company and they are confident that Power Partners will get stronger and better. The 2 recipients are Ms. Lay Kim from Supply Chain Management and Ms. Shirley Liew from the Finance Department. Last but not least, we also celebrate with Mr. Sathish, our professional Senior Technician in Service Team, his 5 years of efforts and loyalty with Power Powers.

We are thankful for the contributions of each and everyone in the company. The success of Power Partners wouldn’t be possible without everyone. Together with the leadership of our Management, we can work together to bring Power Partners to greater heights.