19 Nov 2020 : Edge Data Centre Strategy & Solutions in Asia Pacific

05 November 2020

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Discover How Your Business Can Build New Innovations with Edge Data Centre Technology on Thursday 19 November 2020

Power Partners Private Limited (PP)
will be participating in a digital event – Edge Data Center Strategy and Solutions in Asia Pacific on Thursday, 19 November 2020. This digital event is open to any strategic or business person whose function interacts with the enterprise or service provider that comprises the increasingly complex technology purchaser/decision-maker chain. W.Media, a global B2B technology marketing agency that specializes in PR, media and events, will be organising the event with PP and other sponsors – Schneider Electric.

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” Scientists say we have 12 years to save the world until the effects of global warming become irreversible. However, this has been taken lightly throughout the years and it has caused many detrimental effects on the environment. With the rapid growth of Edge DC in the market, I believe that the environmental impact will be the most concerned topics for everyone at this day. “ — Mr. Paul Randall, Sales & Applications Director of Power Partners.


As the demand of the population for digital applications grows exponentially, energy consumption will inevitably also steadily rise. One of the main topics in relation to edge computing and data centers is always sustainability. So just how can energy-efficiency oriented data centers respond to this apparent conundrum? Foresighted planning is required by turning the key to utilizing the waste and moving towards carbon neutral.


Undeniably the traditional power protection systems are indeed a proven and cost-effective solution, but if a carbon neutral and green solution is available, it is worth looking at the possibilities for change. Taking a step at a time, with Edge Data Centres being smaller it is much easier and requires less investment in the infrastructures to achieve carbon neutrality.


Let’s join the webinar and Ms. HuiTing, Product Engineer of Power Partners who accomplished numerous investigations on quality power solutions, especially green energy, is going to share all the tips and show you the benefits of having green power solutions for your mission critical business!

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Edge Data Center Strategy and Solutions in Asia Pacific is a great digital sharing which sponsored by Power Partners, Schneider Electric and ONION Technology. As predicted, the Asia Pacific Edge Data Centre market is going to expand at over 22% annually with enterprises investing heavily in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and China. But do you know how to select the best edge data center solutions for your business? What cutting edge innovations are enabled by these solutions?


There will be numerous useful informations sharing within the event. Schneider Electric will be showing you the strategic way of dealing with Edge Computing Challenges, and Power Partners will be there to share the integrated green energy solutions which beneficial to your business and our future too.
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