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NEWS : Equinix Announces SG5 – The Tallest Data Center In Singapore

20 January 2021

Artist’s impression of Equinix SG5 at Tanjong Kling– Equinix

Equinix has announced its fifth data center in Singapore, a greenfield facility located at Tanjong Kling, previously known as the Singapore data center park.

With a first-phase investment of US$144 million, the nine-story SG5 will be the tallest data center in Singapore when it opens in H1 2021 – at least until Facebook’s US$1billion, 11-story data center is ready in 2022.

SG5 will provide an initial capacity of more than 1,300 cabinets in 1,710 sq m (18,400 sq ft) of colocation space in the first phase. At full buildout, the facility will provide up to 5,000 cabinets, with a total colocation space of close to 12,000 sq m (129,000 sq ft).

Equinix says SG5 will strengthen its cross-island presence and location diversity: SG5 is in visual sight of SG2; SG1 and SG3 are located side by side, while SG4 is located in Tai Seng in the East. 

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