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NEWS : Plug Power Leverages Entrance Into New Green Hydrogen Market: Electrolyzers Now Deployed In Japan

30 October 2020


  • Hydrogen’s popularity as renewable energy source has only grown in recent years, but perhaps no nation has worked to implement this renewable so much as Japan. The government is working to reduce the production cost of hydrogen significantly over the course of the next several decades, aiming for $3 a kilogram by 2030 and $2 a kilogram by 2050.
  • The shift will not only help the country reduce its carbon footprint and gain energy independence, but it will also enable the country to become a leading exporter of fuel cell technology.
  • In fact, so confident is Japan in this investment that it had planned to showcase it during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, now taking place in 2021, The Olympic torch is said to be lit by hydrogen as it made its way through Japan, and the Olympic Cauldron included in the opening and closing ceremonies was likewise to be powered by hydrogen.
  • 500 hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles intend to be used in transportation efforts for the games.
  • Japan’s plans to foreground its hydrogen strategy as a point of national pride during the Olympics indicates the full extent of its commitment to this clean renewable energy.
  • Plug Power shares this commitment is delighted to announce its entry into the Japanese green hydrogen market.
  • This deployment also opens the door to further investment in Japan.
  • Japan’s interest in further developing hydrogen production solutions indicates its potential as a robust market for the kind of hydrogen solutions Plug Power can provide.

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