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NEWS: Equinix Leading Renewable Energy & Completed Data Center Expansion in Australia

20 August 2021


Equinix data center photo

Equinix is Now Ready to Lead Renewable Energy

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued a final determination granting authorisation to enable Equinix (Australia) Enterprises, HSBC, Nike, Goldman Sachs and H&M (the ‘Equinix Group’) to pool their electricity demand and to jointly tender and negotiate power purchasing agreements. This granted authorisation is granted on 11 August 2021 and will be effective until 30 September 2045, a 24-year period.


“The ACCC considers that the proposed joint purchasing arrangements in both applications are likely to result in public benefits in the form of transaction cost savings, greater investment in and competition for the supply of electricity, and environmental benefits through a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions,” says the ACCC statement.


For full determination, read from ACCC

Equinix Complete its Phase 2 US$48 million Data Center Expansion

Good things come one after another. The SY5 data center of Equinix, which was announced in February 2021, recently completed its Phase 2 expansion. The addition of 2,150 cabinets, which cost US$48 million, takes SY5’s capacity to 3,975 cabinets. Looking forward to being Australia’s largest Equinix IBX facility, the SY5 data center is expected to reach 9,200 cabinets when fully built.


“We continue to see significant momentum in Australia as technology spend accelerates, driven by the shift to as-a-service consumption models and hybrid multicloud being widely adopted as the architecture of choice,” said Equinix Australia MD Guy Danskine.


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