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NEWS: India’s First GREEN Hydrogen Electrolyzer Gigafactory, Bengaluru

27 August 2021

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India’s FIRST Green Hydrogen Electrolyzer Gigafactory


Ohmium International, a US renewable energy start-up company, launched India’s first Green Hydrogen Electrolyzer Gigafactory through its subsidiary in Bengaluru, a few days ago. This Gigafactory will produce Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) hydrogen electrolyzers built in India, with an initial production capacity of 500MW per year and looking forward to having 2GW per year in future.

This launch has created interest from some major companies, such as Adani, Reliance Industries, IOC, NTPC and Gail India, to participate in this India’s green hydrogen roadmap.

With zero carbon footprint, this green energy solution – Green Hydrogen, can generate more electric power, can be utilized for fertilizer production, refinery processing, and steel production. Green Hydrogen also can be stored and transported.

The company stated that they had developed the technology to distribute and scaled-up this renewable energy, providing an end-to-end solution within the country. It is also reducing reliance on imports for the critical types of equipment.

Ohmium’s technology is leading-edge PEM with the bulk of PEM development in India.

“Our products are modular, high performance and high value. This ensures that they can be utilized to achieve levelized costs of hydrogen which support the growth of India’s economy” said Arne Ballantine, CEO & co-founder of Ohmium.


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India’s New Green Hydrogen Mission to Boost Energy Independence


On the 75th anniversary of India’s Independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the country is launching a new National Hydrogen Mission. He believes Green Hydrogen will play a crucial role in helping the nation mitigate climate change. He added India should become a global hub for green hydrogen production and exports.

“This will not only help India to make new progress in the field of energy self-reliance but will also become a new inspiration for clean energy transition all over the world. New opportunities from green growth to the green job are opening up today for our start-ups and youth,” said Modi.

Green Hydrogen is zero-carbon hydrogen production through the electrolysis of water (splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen) using renewable electricity. However, the costs of hydrogen from electrolysis (using grid or renewable) today are relatively very high compared to hydrogen from natural gas reformation. The cost can be expected to fall significantly in the coming years as the cost of electricity and electrolyzers falls.


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