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Powering Up in Hot-Humid Climates: Singapore and Korea Team Up for Revolutionary ESS Technology

05 April 2023

A photo of ESS from the Singapore and Korea Team Up for Revolutionary ESS Technology


Building System and Diagnostics (BSD) from Singapore and Ontest from Korea have collaborated to develop a cutting-edge lithium-ion Energy Storage System (ESS) and smart distributed ESS management application. This new technology is specifically designed to address the challenge of fire hazards in hot-humid climates and has been supported by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) of Singapore and Ketep from Korea.


The development of this next-generation ESS technology involved research work conducted by the Singapore Institute of Technology (Singapore) and Korea University (Korea). Power Partners Group then carried out testing operations in Singapore to ensure the system’s reliability and safety.


This joint project represents a significant breakthrough in ESS technology, offering a safer and more reliable energy storage solution for hot-humid climates, which is a common challenge in Southeast Asia. With the increasing demand for renewable energy, ESS is expected to become a critical technology in the energy landscape of Southeast Asia. The market for ESS is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years, providing exciting opportunities for companies in the region to drive innovation and create sustainable energy solutions.


By collaborating and pooling resources, BSD and Ontest have been able to develop a technology that addresses a significant challenge in the ESS market, providing a competitive advantage in the Southeast Asian region. This joint project showcases the benefits of international cooperation and highlights the importance of leveraging expertise and resources from different countries to drive innovation and solve complex challenges.


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