14 Sept – 15 Oct 2020 : Protections Against Power Outages

11 September 2020

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Guaranteed Protection for Your Critical Load
Even Where Downstream Transformers are Present

Power Partners Private Limited (PP) is launching a local campaign
 on exploring the functional features, advantageous of Static Transfer Switch, starting from 14 September 2020 – 15 October 2020. This interactive live operation will be lead by our experts – Mr. Sander Smalbrugge (Technical Manager of Power Partners) and Mr. Paul Randall (Sales & Application Director of Power Partners), at 2 Tampines Industrial Drive, Power Partners Building, 5285832 Singapore.   


Designed for applications that require the highest standard in power reliability, the LayerZero Series 70 eSTS: Static Transfer Switch provides unparalleled power protection – a last line of defense – before the critical load is compromised. Not only does it protects against power outages for enterprises of all sizes, but eSTS Static Transfer Switch also comes equipped with built-in waveform capture. 


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Founded in 2001, it was built on the belief of designing power quality products that were highly reliable, safe to operate, well connected, with advanced power quality monitoring capabilities. If you are looking for the safest and most reliable power quality products – they’re right here.

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