PT Power Partners Indonesia Grand Opening Marks a Promising Chapter in Power Infrastructure Development

10 May 2023

Grand Opening of PT Power Partners Indonesia


Unveiling a New Era of Customized Power Generation and After-Sales Support!


Delta Commercial Park 1, Lippo Cikarang, Indonesia – On 9 May 2023, PT Power Partners Indonesia (PPI) celebrated its grand opening at its office in Delta Commercial Park 1, Lippo Cikarang, Indonesia. The event marked a significant milestone in the company’s commitment to providing customized and sustainable power generation solutions to meet the growing demand in critical markets such as Oil & Gas and Data Centers. With more than 120 attendees and a well-organized program, the grand opening showcased the company’s impressive branding, insightful speeches, strategic collaborations, and commitment to excellent customer service.

“We are thrilled to establish our presence in Indonesia and contribute to the growth of the power generation industry in this region,” said Mr Kyoji Terao, Managing Director of Power Partners Group. “Indonesia is a key market for us, and the new office will enable us to better serve our customers and strengthen our relationships with local partners. Our solutions are designed to help our clients optimize their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint. We are excited to work with our partners in Indonesia, especially for oil & gas and data center, to create a more sustainable energy future.”

Impressive Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and Welcoming Atmosphere

The ribbon-cutting ceremony, led by Mr Terao Kyoji (Managing Director of Power Partners Group), Mr Leo Schouten (Managing Director of Hitec Power Protection), Mr Steven Wong (Executive Director of Power Partners Group), and Mr Rheinno Permata Soufyan (Country General Manager of PT Power Partners Indonesia), set the tone for the event. The charismatic speeches by Mr Kyoji and Mr Leo created an engaging and friendly atmosphere. Mr Kyoji’s humorous opening line, “Pagi, Sudah Mandi?” (Morning, did you take a bath?) resonated well with the audience and reflected the casual yet informative tone of his speech.


Grand Opening of PT Power Partners Indonesia


Strategic Sharing and Collaboration


During the event, the collaboration between PPI, Samudera Nusantara Energi, and Hitec Power Protection was formalized through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signing ceremony. This collaboration aims to deliver top-notch after-sales support and foster long-term client relationships built on trust and satisfaction. The partnership’s focus on the development of power infrastructure in Indonesia highlights the company’s commitment to meeting the country’s growing energy needs.


Unveiling Innovative Products and Solutions


Mr Smalbrugge Jan Hendrik Sander, the Assistant General Manager of Service at Power Partners Group, provided detailed insights into the products and solutions offered by PPI. His expertise and engaging presentation captivated the audience, leading to lively discussions during the networking session. PPI’s commitment to providing uninterrupted power systems for critical industries like Oil & Gas and Data Centers was well-received.


Grand Opening of PT Power Partners Indonesia


Commitment to Indonesia and Growth

To further enhance its presence, PPI conducted a media conference during the event. Five local media outlets attended, engaging in interviews with Mr Kyoji. The seamless communication in both Bahasa Indonesia and English showcased the company’s efforts to connect with local stakeholders and demonstrate its commitment to the Indonesian market. Mr Kyoji expressed his long-standing affection for Indonesia and his desire to expand business operations in the country. The new office and warehouse, along with the growing team, signify PPI’s readiness to support local businesses. The company’s focus on the critical markets of Oil & Gas and Data Centers aligns with Indonesia’s power infrastructure development goals, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for essential sectors.


The grand opening of PT Power Partners Indonesia (PPI) showcased a remarkable milestone in the country’s power infrastructure development. With an impressive ribbon-cutting ceremony, insightful speeches, strategic collaborations, and a commitment to providing customized power generation solutions, PPI has positioned itself as a key player in the Indonesian market. The successful event emphasized the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and after-sales support. As PPI continues to grow and contribute to the development of power infrastructure, Indonesia’s critical markets can rely on their expertise and sustainable solutions for uninterrupted power supply.