In the highly digitised world that we live in today, systems in every business sector from banking to telecommunications are increasingly reliant on continuous power to keep mission-critical applications running smoothly 24/7/365.

In a nutshell, power outages can lead to downtime and loss of efficiency as well as the incurrence of huge costs for businesses. Therefore, the importance of power quality, availability and efficiency cannot be overemphasised.


Continuous services are crucial for data processing and facility reliability in the daily delivery of massive amounts of data. There is therefore a need for robust power protection systems to ensure that mission critical operations continue to process and export data reliably.

Power Partners provides customised solutions to help clients with challenges or requirements unique to each individual installation. We furnish highly dependable, cost-efficient and uninterrupted power to ensure a stable and continuous flow of data for our clients.


Companies with global supply chains such as those in the semiconductor have a specific need for continuous, uninterrupted power.

In the semiconductor industry, processes are driven by electrical loads that can be challenging for standard power protection systems to support. As such, there is a need for a system that can condition and supply power to sustain electrical loads and prevent volatile grid conditions from causing production downtime.

To safeguard the entire wafer manufacturing process, conditions such as humidity and temperature are required to be kept constant, ensuring that the entire production environment remains sterile and is hermetically sealed at continuous positive pressure. There is a need, therefore, for power to be stable and clean.


Robust systems and databases are central to supporting and maintaining smooth-running operations in healthcare environments.

With ongoing infrastructure upgrades in terms of mobile healthcare connectivity, health information systems, digital sensors etc., these are important processes that rely on an efficient and dependable power supply.

Reliable organisation-wide UPS power systems can be adopted to minimise the dire consequences of power failure.


Typical applications that require power protection in the banking industry include automated teller machines (ATMs), branch automation and data centres. These applications require robust power systems to ensure business continuity.

Infrastructure challenges in ATMs can cause unstable power supply that lead to the breakdown of communication lines and switch servers, ultimately resulting in serious customer dissatisfaction.

Branch automation connects the customer service desk and IT equipment in a bank office with customer records in the backend. Reliable backup power protection is therefore critical for avoiding the hefty costs of power failure.

Data centres form the foundation of financial data computation, transaction and record storage systems. Consequently, the cost of downtime due to critical load failure is extreme.

With increasingly automated business operations, the cost of downtime is climbing steadily. High power efficiency is therefore paramount to keeping critical operations intact under adverse conditions.


Airports, airbases and air traffic control towers require steady sources of power supply to ensure that runways are operational under most kinds of weather conditions.

It is critical for power systems supplied to the aviation sector to be compliant with the strict requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).


Telecommunication providers are responsible for the transporting of massive amounts of data on the internet including social media data and Business-to-Business information created by corporations. Continuous power is required to secure the delivery and processing of this massive flow of online information.

When power is disrupted, service-level agreements are breached, and communication comes to a halt. There is therefore a need to provide uninterruptible power to protect data from the effects of power outages.


In the Oil & Gas Industry, continuous power is required to facilitate a regular flow of production and secure safety in operations.

One of the main challenges in the industry is that the electrical loads produced by the pumps and other dynamic motors require resilient power sources for securing the continuous operation of critical processes and safeguarding safety practices.

Power protection systems provide continuous support to load types such as large motors and fans for hazardous processes with the aim of ensuring the safety of staff and environment through the controlled shutdown of hazardous processes in emergencies.