Stainless Steel Chimney Systems

Stainless Steel Chimney Systems

A majority of the infrastructure of the modern world including hospitals and airports are heavily dependent on the secure and continuous power supply.

Power generators require flue stacks for exhausting the products of combustion that are produced, in a safe manner that reduces pollution at the ground level. The stainless steel chimney systems manufactured by Jeremias Chimney Systems serve the purpose of leading exhaust gases to the exterior of buildings in a fast, safe and silent manner.

Accredited by stringent classification authorities including German Lloyd by Bureau Veritas for Maritime applications, the system provides clients with an exhaust which are compliant with stringent environmental legislation.

Some Key Benefits include:

  • Lightweight modular system
  • Easy installation
  • CE certified
  • Low maintenance
  • Guaranteed system

Exhaust Modular Installation

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