Track Busway

Busway Photo

In today’s world where mission-critical applications in data centres, retail and industrial sectors cannot afford costly downtime, and flexible power is of utmost importance, the Starline Track Busway is one of the top electrical power distribution systems to go for.

The Track Busway is a flexible, scalable, fast and economical solution for supplying power to electrical loads anywhere, anytime without the need to shut down power.

Outstanding Features of the Track Busway include:

  • Built with the highest quality materials and designs such as solid copper busbars
  • Cased in a lightweight, durable and compact aluminium outer shell
  • UL, ETL, CE certified for use all over the world
  • Designed with patented u-shaped copper busbars that create constant tension, ensuring a continuous, reliable connection to power
  • Designed with a continuous access slot that runs along the bottom of the system, furnishing you with the unique ability to tap into the busway at any location with a variety of plug-in units wherever power is needed

Overall, plug-in units for the system are safe and easy to install with a turn-n-lock connection method without the need for any complicated mechanisms. It can be totally customised based on your specifications, including options for drop cords, outlets and power metering.

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