Branch Circuit Monitoring Systems

Branch Circuit Monitoring

Accidental tripping of branch circuit breakers due to overloading is a leading threat to reliability for any mission-critical operation.

Introducing PDI’s WaveStar Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) which provides

  • accurate high-speed monitoring
  • the alerting of key electrical performances metrics
  • the support for an extensive range of targeted applications including fault detection and energy management

The PDI Branch Circuit Monitor products will give any site’s Power Network Managers /Owners the ability to monitor the electrical current usage of each individual branch circuit. Load current alarm limit is configurable to complement individual branch circuit breaker ratings. By receiving early notification of high current conditions, users can perform the required preventive measures to avoid unnecessary load drops making the Branch Circuit Monitor a great step forward in enhancing system reliability.

This monitoring can be set up either as part of an on its system through Mod Bus RTU protocol or it can be remotely accessed via the Internet. Each BCMS module monitors and provides data for up to 84 branch breakers. In addition, the BCMS is scalable: distribution panels can be wired in a “daisy chain” or “star” network and connected to a central monitoring device to allow for monitoring of your entire distribution system down to the load level connection.

Furthermore, PDI BCMS seamlessly integrates into any PDU keeping installation of branch circuits easy. Centralised monitoring of large facilities is simple with up to 2,646 circuits monitored over one two-wire RS-485 Modbus network. A local display indicates currents of all circuits as well as identifies circuits that exceed their user-defined current limits.

For the introduction of the BCMS into existing PDU, the option is available through a retrofit system with split-core Current Transformers allowing installation without having to remove any branch circuit wiring. Together, these systems improve critical power system reliability and above all, it eliminates time associated with manual current measurements.

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