Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems


Power Discharge Monitoring Systems are especially useful in applications that have a low tolerance for power disruptions such as semiconductor or pharmaceutical industries. Monitoring systems are the key to quick identification and resolution of problems on an application’s power system.

Cost-effective and easy to install, the benefits of applying PDS Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems include:

  • Minimises the failure rate of equipment
    Assessment of historical data from the system can help locate and correct acute problems.
  • Facilitates maintenance
    Data trends can forecast when discrete data parameters may be exceeded, allowing managers to plan ahead for contingency situations.
  • Ability to extend equipment life and enjoy cost savings
    The Partial Discharge Monitoring System checks the insulation condition of the equipment. This means that owners can implement the condition-based approach to equipment replacement, replacing the equipment only when its insulation condition is lower than acceptance level instead of replacing equipment immediately at the end of expectancy life expectancy even if the insulation is still in good condition.

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