Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Systems (DRUPS)


Today’s critical facilities operation such as a Data Centre or Process Industries Production Systems is delivering higher productivity to meet ever-increasing customers’ expectations.

Due to the demand for the highest uptime, major critical facilities are increasingly building up high-availability electrical infrastructure to minimise systems downtime which can rack up several million dollars of production losses due to any power anomalies.

Consequently, the most reliable operation processes are largely dependent on both facilities and equipment that deliver the highest availability of power.

The HITEC Diesel Rotary UPS System (DRUPS) has proven itself to be one of the leading power protection solutions for many of the world’s major critical facilities that demand the highest uptime.

Hitec Power Pro 2700

Hitec Power Pro 3600

Why is DRUPS superior to many other power protection solutions available in the market?

Mainly due to its battery-free energy storage technology, the system is an integrated motor-generator-induction device that stores kinetic energy in a constantly spinning state, owing to its uniquely robust architecture.

Compared to traditional battery systems, the Diesel Rotary UPS provides benefits including:

  • dramatically reduced space requirements
  • no temperature restrictions
  • low replacement cycles and maintenance costs
  • improved overall system reliability and operational integrity

Applied in several sectors from data-centre operations to leading wafer/ chip production facilities, the Hitec DRUPS has achieved an operating track record of more than a million running hours without a single glitch.

To date, Power Partners has delivered in excess of 500,000KVA, in terms of capacity for Hitec Diesel Rotary UPS in the Asia region alone. This figure is expected to grow even further with the increasing trend of customers migrating from traditional static UPS applications towards dynamic UPS solutions for leading critical facilities operations.

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