Static Transfer Switch

As digital economies continue to move ahead at a relentless pace, downtime due to power glitches can quickly escalate into significant lost revenue if the appropriate power infrastructure is not in place.

In the application of a dual bus setup, where seamless transfers of power are necessary due to the critical nature of the electrical load, the Static Transfer Switch (STS) is the solution of choice.

Integrating triple modular redundancy, power quality monitoring, remote connectivity and dynamic phase compensation, the Web-Enabled LayerZero Static Transfer Switch (eSTS) is a reliable, technologically advanced and robust system that protects data centres, mission-critical applications and even entire buildings against power outages.

LayerZero eSTS eliminates the chance of a loss of power to critical loads by properly coordinating with the electrical distribution system. Even during a fault condition, the eSTS will continue to conduct current, allowing downstream circuit breakers to function selectively through systems via discrimination and coordination.

Designed by industry leader in static transfer switch technology, LayerZero eSTS delivers both state-of-the-art technology and reliability.

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