Maintenance Services

At Power Partners, our Service Agreements are tailored to fit the priority of your business needs. You can opt for:

  • Service Call
  • A Preventive Maintenance Plan
  • A Custom Maintenance Plan

Flexibility is the word. There are no pre-set requirements or specific products and services that you must agree to purchase. As our customers, you are free to select a custom maintenance plan suited to your needs.

Preventative Maintenance Plan


  • Ensures maximum efficiency from your critical systems
  • Includes all services required to keep systems operating at optimised levels
  • Designed to appraise the status of installed equipment and make necessary corrective adjustments or repairs


  • Complete service history of equipment
  • Information on new options
  • Resource for recommendations of enhancements for system performance
  • Number of scheduled checks varies based on type of equipment onsite and selected service level

CUSTOM Maintenance Plan


  • Designed to let customers decide the type of services, features and benefits suited to their specific requirements


  • Option of coverage and response times
  • Option of number of annual corrective and preventive maintenance visits

No matter which service agreement you select, you can be assured that our in-house qualified engineers will provide you with dedicated support and attention. All our programmes are designed to provide you with the highest level of service your particular situation demands.

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