Vibration Analysis & Alignment

PPG provides various analysis for your applications

Vibration analysis is defined as the most effective tool for identifying mechanical and electrical faults within machinery. Most vibration programs use a combination of online and offline monitoring systems to measure the vibration levels and frequencies of machinery and then analysing how healthy the machines and their components are.

Common faults identified by vibration analysis:

  • Imbalance
  • Bearing failures
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Misalignment
  • Resonance and natural frequencies
  • Electrical faults in motors
  • Bent shaft
  • Gearbox failures
  • Cavitation in pumps
  • Critical speeds

Alignment is another essential element that prevents problems. Precision alignment can prevent problems and extend the life of sprockets, chains, sheaves, belts, and couplings. It also prolongs life and prevents issues in bearings and mechanical seals. Good alignment reduces energy consumption for electric motors, prevent premature failure and early stage of wear-and-tear on mechanical drives.

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